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My name is Allan Bergmann Jensen, and I’m your editor. I’m a retired music teacher and I have played classic guitar on and off for the last 40 years. Bergmann Edition is an ideal retirement project – it takes a lot of time, and costs very little money.

The Internet is a jungle where it can be difficult to find the high quality material. This is true when it comes to classical guitar music as well. Bergmann Edition will mark a safe path to the treasures hit in the internet jungle – At Bergmann Edition you will solely find links to quality scores for classical guitar music. We publish our own scores and we support composers and arrangers in varies ways.

There is a gab between totally free services like and well-known publishers. At Delcamp you can’t promote commercial sites at all, and the well-known publishers are big business which means there is very little chances they will publish your work unless your name is a brand per se. As a result many composers/arrangers offer their work for free on the internet as pdf-files or in some cases the works are sold through some kind of internet commerce.

Bergmann Edition is an edited site, which means that every link and every work will have to meet a standard set by your editor.

Allan Bergmann Jensen
Moellebakken 12
4400 Kalundborg

Phone: +45 61 72 84 50
(e-mail preferred)


  1. Sandra Szmulewicz says:

    I founded a beautifull guitar that belonged to somebody died 30 years ago, I´m going to restored it, it´s broken but it sounds so nice that nobody would say that It was hidden for such a long time!!!
    I´m trying to know where it was made, It´s a Bergmann guitar.
    Do you know anything about this guitars. I didn´t find in the web and I saw your website, do you make guitars or know a luthier with your last name???
    I live in a little to town La Granja, Cordoba, Argentina.
    Thank you and I hope you help with this matter!!!

    1. abj says:

      Hello Sandra
      I’m afraid I can’t help you – I have no knowledge regarding luthiers sharing my name. I would try to ask in the forum at Delcamp: Most likely someone will know something about the Bergmann guitar.


  2. Arturo Quinteros says:

    Buenas tardes, amigo y editor Allan Bergmann Jensen. Muchas gracias por pensar en editar la partitura de “Flor de mis viñedos”. Un gran abrazo. Ciudad de San Rafael, provincia de Mendoza, República Argentina. Avenida Sarmiento 1417- C.P. 5600-Teléfono (0260) 4439284.
    Arturo Quinteros!!!

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