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Moving free scores

From the beginning of 2014  I will move the free scores provided by Bergmann Edition to the Bergmann Edition Store. For me it has the advantage, that the work flow will be simpler. But more important there will be advantages for you – as user:

  • You can search and filter scores by composer, levels and flavor.
  • You can listen to the music using the audio player before you download.
  • You can see a preview of the beginning of each piece before you download.
  • You can be notified by e-mail when new editions of the pieces you have downloaded are updated.
  • You can comment and give star rating to the pieces.
  • You can subscribe to the newsletter, where all new published works will be listed (in bundles – I don’t want to spam you).

I will still maintain the old list: Bergmann edition scores

I hope you will like the new concept – and use it.

Why aren’t all the scores free

Unfortunately I will not be able to continue preparing all scores for free because the costs are becoming too high. I will keep prices low. Actually I have decided that one piece should cost the same as a cup of coffee at Starbucks (check the price).

Somehow, it seems fair that you credit my work by offering me a cup of coffee :-)


Folies de Espagna

Folies de Espagna  can be found in many variations in the music literature. Some by well-known composers, like the free Fernando Sor version uploaded earlier here at Bergmann Edition, and sometimes the composer is unknown or anonymous, like today’s score. It is a version of the famous theme found in a lute manuscript from the early 17th. century. The piece is relatively easy – most parts could be described as level 2-3. But in full length (round 100 repeated measures) I have categorized it as level 4.

This version is not free. It is sold for only $2.45 in the store. You can pay safely through PayPal with a range of credit card. From the store you can also listen to a computer generated mp3-file, which gives you a fair idea of what kind of music you are about to bye.

Folies de Espagna by anonymous comes in five versions:

  1. Folies de Espagna  CLEAN
  2. Folies de Espagna EDIT
  3. Folies de Espagna TAB
  4. Folies de Espagna BRAILLE
  5. Folies de Espagna MAGNA

Carcassi opus 60 – Etude nr. 7

When I have had a longer break playing, and my right hand feels a bit rusty, I always play this study.  The mix of arpeggio and tremolo seems to have a good effect to loosen up my right hand.

You can get the scores for free in the store:


Fernando Sor: Etude nr. 3 from Opus 6

This etude from Fernando Sor’s Opus 6 is not played often. But it is a very good exercise for practising slurs and pauses.
Choose between a CLEAN version without any fingering, an EDIT version with full fingering and a TAB version with tablature as well as a fingered version.




Carcassi, Opus 60, No. 3


I use this lovely little exercise to warm up when I practice.

You three options as usual:

  1. A clean version without fingering: carcassi_op_60_nr_03_CLEAN
  2. An edited version with fingering: carcassi_op_60_nr_03_EDIT
  3. A version with tabs: carcassi_op_60_nr_03_TAB

You can find the original in the Boije collection or in the Rischel og Birket-Smiths collection at the Royal Library, Copenhagen.

And other edited versions can be found here:

Sor: Etude nr. 2 from Opus 6


Time to publish this well known etude from Fernando Sor’s opus 6.

Three versions as usual:

Sor: Etude nr. 1 from Opus 6


Fernando Sor’s etude nr. one from his opus 6 is included in most collections of Sor studies – including Segovias collection, where it is published as Estudio nr. 4. The original can be found in several online libraries like the “” collection. Direct link here…

There are no fingering in the original. I have reduced the use of barres compared to Segovias fingering to avoid too much left hand tension.

Choose between the following flavours free to download from the store:

Diferencias Sobre Guardame by Narvaez

Diferencias Sobre Guardame by Narvaez was one of the first pieces I published here at Bergmann Edition. Now it is time for a fresh version. My “house style” and notation practise have matured and I have worked out a new fingering which I like much better than the old version.

As usual you get more versions. As a BONUS, will you get versions for tablets/i-pads, computer screens and Kindles, when you download this piece from the store.


Revised version of “The Sick Tune”

One of the first score I published here at, was The Sick Tune. I have now revised it and provided it in several versions or flavours. A clean without fingering, an edited with fingering, a tablature version, a magna print and Braille.

It is an easy to play peace and as the title say – a very sad one.

Download for free from the shop:

Bourrée from Patita for Violin BWV 1002

The Bourrée, or “Borea” as it is called in the original written for the violin, is a great piece which works fine on the guitar. You can find many variations published – like Tarregas or a Russian version  and  of course an Bach original handwriting as you see to the left. The last originate from the IMSLP project. It is funny to see how the original handwriting of Bach really is stripped from all redundant information – even rests are left out where they aren’t giving extra information.

I have followed the original a long way. But I have used some of the chords inspirered by Tarrega. And then I have used a few octavations in the bas – fewer than you usually see.

Please contact me if you find any faults, if you have suggestions or other comments.  You can use the comment box at the bottom or you can write me a mail.

You can order from the store:

Bourree in e-minor (level 6): CLEANEDITTABBRAILLEMAGNA ($2.01)