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Links checked the 12th. Of October 2012

Links to other pages with quality scores and sheet music for sale and for free.

ALi’s webstek

ALi’s webstek is a website created by Alfons Lievens, a Belgian webmaster who plays classical guitar. He has a large collection, consisting of his transcriptions and works from other authors. The collection is presented with photos of beautiful paintings. It is his personal collection, made available for everyone to use.


Website with the most active user groups on the internet. Offers a lot of quality scores from all periods and for all levels. The owner of the site, Professor Jean-François Delcamp, France, provides on-line classes for free. You will find a lot of recordings here too.

Enrique Kaliski

Kaliske is a Chilean composer born in 1956. He has composed some very colorful pieces for the classical guitar. At his website, you will find a dozen of his work presented as pdf-files. Kalinski himself have recorded the music and present it as mp3 as well.

Kalinski is coauthor to “Metodo de Guitarre Chilene”.

Guitar Loot

Guitar Loot is a collection of Eric Crouch arrangements for Classical Guitar of Renaissance and Baroque music. The site offers a lot of rare scores and information about the composers. Technical the pieces are Intermediate to advanced.

Guitar School

Icelandic website owned by Eythor Thorlaksson and Sveinn Eythorsson. The site offers a vast amount of scores from all periods and for all levels. You will find exercises and methods by Sor, Aguado, Thorlaksson and Eythorsson.

International Music Score Library Project

This project offers an enormous amount of scores. Most are scanned from originals published at the beginning of the 20th century, and it is the largest collection of romantic music on the internet. Some of the releases are rather difficult to read due to the quality of the original prints. Many of the planned releases by Bergmann Edition will use this resource.

Jan-Olof Eriksson

Jan-Olof Eriksson works at Piteå/Luleå University, Sweden, and he has edited, composed and published a lot of guitar music. Some of his arrangement are available for free on his website.

Per-Olov Kindgren

Guitarist Per-Olov Kindgren has arranged and composed a lot of music. The link takes you to his webshop where you can purchase his works. A few scores are offered for free. Per-Olov Kindgrens music is soft and meditative, and you can see him play many of his pieces at you-tube.

Richard Yates Classical Guitar Transcriptions

A collection of scores provided by Richard Yates. Some of the pieces are published in articles telling the story behind the music, giving technical advice and other sorts of annotations.

Thomas König

Thomas König, München, Germany, have arranged a lot of music for guitar. A large amount of his work is offered for free. Publications edited and arranged by Thomas König are available for sale directly from his site.

Tony Wilkingson at IMSLP

Tony Wilkingson has made a lot of great transcriptions for the classical guitar. He publishes his work at the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP). The link takes you to the complete list of works arranged by Tony Wilkingson, which includes his guitar transcriptions.

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    Muy generoso todo lo que ofrece esta página, como así también los otros links para visitar.
    Saludos desde Argentina.
    Atilio Fischer

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