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Performing Notes

If you ever have tried to engrave modern contemporary music, you probably also have struggled to make a good looking page with “Performing Notes” explaining the exotic notation composers use these days. You probably have tried working with graphics created from varies sources, combining with text, etc. And you might also have experienced the mess that turns up when a finished page like that needs to be revised.

I found a solution which will spare me a lot of trouble in the future: I simply make a separate document in Sibelius, which uses the same fonts as the piece that needs explanation. And then fiddling with the borders and adjusting the space between staves and systems, I create a page with the appropriate number of lines including only one bar on each line.  It is all explained in this video:

What I haven’t explained in the video, is that I create a pdf page with the performance notes, and then I use a tool like “PDF merge and split” to insert the page at the right place in the final document. I guess the page can be added to the main document using Sibelius setting like “New section”, but when I tried that, it messed up my layout and hence, I decided to use the tools I knew.

And of course, you can hide/change the time signature and the clefs if you want to.


Performance notes for Agustin Castilla-Avila’s “Caged Music 1”.






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